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GoGoMic S1
2 microphones to 1 Smartphone at the same time. Come and sing together!
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GoGoMic S1
GoGoMic S1 Twin Pack (GoGoMic S1)
Now you can connect 2 microphones with 1 music player for hours of Karaoke group singing!
This package includes 1 Gold microphone, 1 Rosy Purple microphone, 2 sets of connection cables, Operation Instruction and a handsome pouch to protect them all .

Easily connecting two mic using Bluetooth just by pressing 1 button!

Brief Descriptions:

  • 1 cell phone can be connected to 2 Bluetooth karaoke microphones, 2 people singing can never be easier.
  • One-button automatic pairing of microphone, it is this simple
  • Each speaker is dual magnet driven, providing wider sound range and more powerful bass
  • Hand free call answering function
  • With excellent design to save power, each charge can bring you more than 8 hours of entertainment*
  • Clear Sound Cue indicating the status of our K-Mic
  • Each K-Mic can also be an independent connected to mobile phones and tablet
  • Very fast mobile phone Bluetooth connection
  • Each microphone configured with Stereo Remix Chip and Dual Stereo Speakers for more powerful output
  • Speakers adjusted by professional, substantially improved the sound quality. Each microphone can be used for as regular Bluetooth Stereo Speaker
  • Comes with multi-function audio adjustment: independent background music, microphone sound volume, bass, treble and Echo etc.
  • With recording function for IOS and Android system**

Further Descriptions

  • Product of a Hong Kong base company with one year warranty
  • Compatible with any Bluetooth-enabled iPhone, IOS tablets, Android TVs, Android phones, and tablets
  • Connect your smart phone, smart tablet, smart TV and other devices via Bluetooth to sing, no need for karaoke machine and stereo amplifier
  • Use Youtube and other Karaoke apps
  • Comes with switches for: background music, microphone sound volume, bass, treble, echo, previous song, play/pause, next song, call answer/end, on/off, mic pairing, mode change etc..
  • Superb echo effect, strong 3-D sound
  • Three layer filter microphone head
  • Using Capacitance Microphone head for higher sensitivity, clear and delicate vocal and environmental noise reduction
  • Aluminum handle design for fine solid appearance and good gripping
  • Compatible to most mobile phones, tablets and smart TVs

*100% volume provides ~8 hours use, ~80% provides ~10hours use
**IOS devices do not allow GoGoMic for recording at the moment

Microphone: Capacitance
Output power : 5 W x 2 (speaker output)
Frequency range: 300Hz - 12KHz
Maximum sound pressure level: >88db 1KHz THD < 1 %
Reverb mode: echo sound reverberation
Power supply; build-in Li-ion battery
Battery capacity: 1800 mA
Charging voltage: DC 5V
Dimensions Microphone:~24 X 7.5 X 7.5 cm
Colors: Gold, Rosy Purple
Package Dimension: 29.5 X 26.5 X 8.5 cm
Gross Weight: 1.1 kg

2 microphones to 1 Smartphone at the same time. Come and sing together!
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GoGoMic S1 English Manual

CDi GoGoMic S1 Operation Instructions Download.

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